Thurso’s new blueprint to become “sports hub”

15th November 2013 from John O'Groat Journal

Plans are to be finalised in a bid to turn Thurso into a thriving “community sports hub.”

High Life Highland is to meet with representatives of sport clubs in west Caithness to help bring the proposals to fruition.

The aim of the initiative is to support the development of sport and physical activity by investigating the current state of facilities and how they can be improved.

After a number of meetings earlier this year, 18 sports clubs have given their backing to the scheme and the proposal for Thurso will be submitted to sportscotland for approval.

Community sport officer Darren Reid said the initiative has received huge support but, despite encouraging signs, emphasised proposals are still at an early stage.

“There have been promising consultations with the public and things are progressing in the right manner,” he said.

“There is a long way to go before the community sports hub can be established but we have had a good response.

“We are now at the stage where we can pull together a plan to move things forward and hope to finalise it next week.

“From then we will present our plan to sportscotland and they will let us know if Thurso’s status can be given the green light.”

If approved, Thurso would become the third town in the Highlands to be designated as a community sports hub along with Aviemore and Tain where the initiative is said to have already made a very positive impact.

The new status would enable Thurso to create a package of quality sport and physical activity opportunities that is well promoted, easily accessible and caters for all within the community.

Mr Reid said it could also improve clubs’ chances of receiving grants to create activities and even improve or build new sports facilities.

“Becoming a community sports hub would bring Thurso the recognition of being part of a flagship programme as part of sportscotland,” he said. “It would help sports development and improve support to clubs in the area while, at the same time, opne up other doors to potentially receive grater funding.”

High Life Highland will be holding its next public meeting at Thurso High on Thursday, November 21, at 7pm when all are welcome to attend.

John O'Groat Journal