Centre For Nordic Studies, UHI Awarded Funding To Work With Caithness Horizons Museum To Develop The

20th August 2015

Northern Scotland despite its Viking heritage does not have a modern Viking Festival.  However, Caithness Horizons Museum in Thurso is currently trying to secure the funding required to establish one, similar to, but unique from those that exist in other areas.  Caithness Horizons is delighted to announce that in order to develop the interpretative content of the Viking Festival, that the Museum will be working with renowned Viking experts based at the Centre for Nordic Studies, UHI in order to ensure that the Caithness Viking Festival meets the highest levels of scholarship.

The development of the Caithness Viking Festival will increase visitor numbers to the Museum by raising awareness of Caithness as a must visit destination for visitors interested in the Viking Age.  Collaboration with the Centre for Nordic Studies will help the Museum to build long-term relationships with academics, which will benefit interpretation and promotion of the Museum’s Viking Age Collection.

The Centre for Nordic Studies has secured funding from the Innovation Voucher Scheme – Scotland for research costs to work with the Museum and benefit the local economy, through the development of the Viking Festival.

Image, courtesy of Wolfburn Photography shows the Glasgow Vikings at Thurso Harbour with Thurso Castle in the background.